How it Works...

Virtuweld... How it Works!

Virtuweld® is a patented manual closure that gives our blister packs the added security required by retailers...without the added cost of automated sealing processes!

Virtuweld® was developed as a response to an increasing need for tamper resistant packaging in all retail sectors. After examining the problem we developed and patented a cost effective way to give additional security to our packaging without the hassle and cost of additional sealing processes.

Virtuweld® is a conventional blister pack that has been designed so that the back manually clips firmly into the front. The security of the closure is then further enhanced by the addition of a stitch-welded effect, that completes the illusion that the pack is actually welded!

Virtuweld® has revolutionised packaging security and has become so popular that many customers demand Virtuweld over other blister packs.

Virtuweld® can give your product added security in the retail environment...without added cost.