Our Environment

At our Manchester site we manufacture our products using rPET sheet which contains up to 90% recycled material that is predominantly made from used plastic bottles.

The used plastic bottles are granulated into small flakes and then put through an intensive hot washing process.

All of our Virtuweld® packaging can be re-used to protect or store the contents and are 100% recyclable once finished with.  The fact that rPET material can be recycled many times over, makes it one of the most environmentally friendly packaging formats.  So please, if you see anyone throwing plastics into our oceans, ask them to put it into the correct recycling bins instead so that we can reuse it to make our fantastic Virtuweld® range!

The Virtuweld® packaging features a patented manual closure to give the added on pack security that is preferred by retailers.  As this security method does not require any ancillary sealing methods, this also makes it environmentally friendly!

Virtuweld - reusable & recyclable