About Us

Based on a 2-acre site on the outskirts of Manchester, Mister Blister® is one of the leading manufacturers of thermoformed blister packaging and blister packs in the UK and our products have been widely used in various retail sectors throughout Europe for the past 25 years.

We are an innovative Company and are always looking at new ways to improve our products to match the ever-changing requirements of our customers and keep one step ahead of our competitors. Our Award Winning, patented Virtuweld® closure concept was developed to match the increased security requirements of the retailer and features a firm push fit manual lock and stitch welding feature that gives the packs without the additional cost and inflexibility of ancillary sealing Virtuweld® is now used by customers throughout the UK and Europe and is also manufactured under license in America.

Virtuweld® blister packs are now available in several different sized platforms and each platform has different cavity options to suit a wide variety of products in all retail sectors. Typically, our packs are used to display and protect products such as mobile phone accessories, screws / nails and fixings, sports items, fishing equipment, screws/nails, and other D.I.Y products.  
We have invested into the latest high-speed thermforming machinery to keep lead times to a minimum and 3 years ago, we invested into our own extrusion line so that we could manufacture the material used to produce our packaging from up to 90% recycled plastic (rpet) at our factory. The recycled content of the material predominantly comes from water bottles which is granulated into flakes before being hot washed and sanitised and once finished with the packs can be placed into your recycling bin. 

We believe that it takes more than just having the best products to be the leader in our field. From the first time you get in touch with us to delivery of your order and beyond, we are confident that you will have to go a long way to receive better all-round service.

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